Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bukit Panchor (Pre-State Park status)

Bukit Panchor, on the southern part of mainland Penang, holds many secrets. There was a report of tigers' tracks found in this forest. There are caves but not the limestone type. There are many exotic plants and fauna in this park.

Not many Penangites visited this place. Today, I am going to share with you some of the interesting things to see - and worth visiting!

The signboard to the park.

The main entrance to the park.

Once inside, you will not miss this beautiful forest trees.

Amenities were well kept - clean and peaceful.

A 100m boardwalk on the "wetland" area of the park.

Presumed to be the Japaneses' tunnel - entrance built with clay.

A gazebo found on the way to the caves. Note the highlighted signboard - a common feature in all forest recreation parks and at the Penang National Park too - EMPTY! It can only be a federal project and so the local authority wouldn't bother about them! What a sheer wastage of public fund!

This praying mantis is a new species for me.

The rare long-horned spider which I have only seen it in Pergau Dam, Kelantan, was also seen here.

It is a wildboar territory. Everywhere, you could see wildboars' prints and wallows like the photo above.

Like rambutan - I haven't got a name for this plant. Anyway, it is common in this park.


mirage said...

hi, can you point me the direction of getting here. I only spot 2 signpost with the direction from Nibong Tebal. I managed to reach Bukit Panchor but it's a dead end and it's a PBA water catchment area.

Admin said...

Please check this link