Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Billions Wasted

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the only sensible PM. He said, "Due to poor maintenance of buildings and amenities, we have to allocate big sums of money for repairs" (STAR 20 Feb 2006). And that big sums of money were partly mine - I paid my tax, yunno!

Sad. Beautiful chalets at Sg Tukun, Penang National Park were left to rot. Since the Forestry Department handed the Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve to the National Park's authority in April 2003, these chalets were being neglected. Apparently, too much money to spend on building new infrastructure and new buildings but NOTHING on maintenance. Billions Wasted - how true!

Then we had the first canopy walk in Penang. State government spent so much but did not maintenance it. Excuses, excuses....kononnya termites sudah sapu!! Who don't know that anything built of wood will be infested with termites? Do you believe this crab? Why built it and let it rot? The second picture could be the real reason for the excuse!
Billions wasted - how true!

Abandoned Canopy Walk at Penang Hill

Invasion of privacy = Poor Planning!!

Our Penang's heritage - the Ferry is something that all Penangites cherish! But look at one (in 2003) that was partially submerged in the Prai river. To write off as scrap iron? (Is this the reason?) Billions Wasted - how true!