Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When profit is more important than pollution.

This news (dated 18th March 2013) about the expansion of a sugar refinery is worrying. At 1000 metric tonnes, the untreated discharge already so frightening. If 4 times the output, it will be 4 times the output of pollution as compare to today. Read the news and see for yourself the picture taken on 17th March 2013 at the factory in Prai, Penang.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teluk Ikan Mati - the southern tip of Penang Island

At the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia -Tanjung Piai (Johore) one can be proud to read “Congratulations! You are now standing at the Southern Most Tip of Mainland Asia.” But our southern tip of Penang Island is a real disgrace! You find that the Hanson's Quarry is getting nearer to the southern tip each day (refer map). Soon, anyone cruising towards Penang Island on the new second Penang Bridge will notices this ugly patch on the south of Penang Island. Let me share some of the secret of this southern tip.
 Map of the Southern Tip of Penang Island. A disgrace with the ugly scar!
 Angkor wat atmosphere on some of the rocks.
 Unfortunately it is a private land...
 The tranquil atmosphere at Pantai Ikan Mati (Dead fish beach), the southern tip of Penang Island. The name was given to this beach because fishermen threw unwanted fish which littered the beach.
 Facing Pulau Rimau.
Left over from the Japanese during World War II.