Saturday, March 10, 2007

Snake Story

This is an interesting story of snakes in our Bolehland. The seizure of 2400 snakes in 86 crates bound for Hong Kong was discovered during a raid at the Penang International Airport. The snake is protected under the Protection of Wildlife Act 1972 and the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). It was a raid by Wildlife. So what was custom doing?

Interesting events unfold from the raid.

First - They gave you the license

Snake : Hi officer, why are you giving licenses to snake catchers to catch us?
Officer: Hi slimy one! Don't you know there are so many of you running around and bitting people?
Snake: C'mon man I cari-cari makan lah. No rat, no pest so I go to people house to catch lor. And you people so buta - cannot see me, step on me - so what? I bite lor.

(The real reason : The food chain could be disrupted and the snakes were searching in their previous territory but now inhabited by human!)

Then - They seized them

Officer : Hi snakes are you from Perlis or Thailand?

Snake : Yes, I am from Perlis.
Officer: But I only issue license to catch snake in Kedah!

Snake: What? You don't know meh? Kedah and Perlis are neighbours!

And Then - They sold them

Snake: Hi officer thank you for saving me. Now can we go home?
Officer: Sorry snake I can't release you back to your home. You might wonder around and die of starvation. I don't want you to die that way.

Snake: So you want us to die in this blue bag? ....and you fella keep spraying water on me!

Officer: Ha ha, don't you know, we are going to auction you so that we don't have to spray water on you!

In the End - They have the heart to tell you that it will be eaten

It was reported in the paper (The Star 10 Mar 2007 above) that the snakes were sold to license trader. The officer believed that the snakes will eventually be exported to China!!! The fate of the snake is unknown.

This is a mockery of the Wildlife Act and CITES!

We did it again don't you think?