Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sustainable Development - a bullshit

The world celebrated the 7 billion population on Oct 31, 2011. The 7th billion child is a Filipino. The UN's sustainable development in all the UN's treaties are just a waste of resources and time. Rio+20, to be held next year will be another passing event. We have come around 20 years since the Rio treaty and we are still talking the same bull stories on sustainability. We are not solving the source of our environment, our natural resources and our needs. In fact, our main concern is to develop everything in a sustainable order. But how can? We have a limited earth. We just can't balloon our earth. We are facing human population explosion. Many more mouths to feed with limited resources. You can keep talking about providing energy efficiency, good environment quality, sustainable management or water efficiency but there will not be enough as population keep increasing. You can keep talking about quality living in landed property rather than pigeon hole apartment. But it won't solve the problem as population mushroomed. No matter how good the sustainable development in papers or in practice, it will come a time when it will be saturated again.

So how? We should be solving the root cause of our problem. And the root of all our problems - human created as well as natural disasters (such as ethnic wars, climate change, human conflicts, wildlife extinction, immigrants, floods, etc) is POPULATION. Lessen the population and we won't have so much problem. Sustainable Population is the mother of all sustainable development. Control the population and we will have less people needing to stay in pigeon holes. Less rubbish in our waterways. Less pollution. And so get that?

But can we? With all the greed to improve companies' balance sheets and development to sustain the economy of the world, there is no way we are going to sustain our earth. We need fuels, mineral resources and raw materials to run our factories. We just could not supply enough if our demand keep growing. We are destined to doom. December 2012 might be a fiction but rest assure that it will be a reality in the near future. Perhaps as soon as next year!

Go watch the movie 2012. Happy New Year 2012.

Tokay gecko under threat due to heavy demand, says group

November 20, 2011

PETALING JAYA: Wildlife trade watchdog TRAFFIC has called for the protection of the to'keh (or tokay) gecko, following a sharp boom in illegal smuggling of the lizard in South-East Asia for medicinal purposes.

TRAFFIC Southeast Asia said the demand for the geckos skyrocketed recently, following unfounded claims on Asian websites and blogs that consuming tokay gecko tongue and internal organs could cure HIV and cancer.

“We are alarmed by the massive increase in trade of these geckos,” said TRAFFIC Southeast Asia deputy director Chris R. Shepherd in a statement here.

“If the trade continues to mushroom, it could take years to repair the damage currently being inflicted on the gecko population,” he said, adding that it was urgent to protect these reptiles under CITES the international convention on endangered species.

The tokay gecko is a nocturnal Asian lizard growing up to 40cm in length and easily identified by its orange-spotted, blue-grey skin and the loud sound it makes.

TRAFFIC said the geckos are being sourced from South-East Asian countries, like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, to meet demand in China.

It said Indonesia exports an estimated 1.2 million dried tokay geckos from Java each year, exceeding the official export quota of 45,000 live animals for the pet trade.