Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beasts Are Beasts - Who Cares!

BIG headline : 600 fish die at Langkawi Underwater World

LANGKAWI: About 600 fish worth hundreds of thousands of ringgit have mysteriously died at Langkawi Underwater World.......(The Star, 26 Sept 2007)

In Bolehland, beasts are beasts. So who cares whether they live or die. The stories of dead animals in parks, sanctuaries, zoos and other so-called tourism attractions had became cemeteries for many animals.

These cruel deeds will not stop when there are humans who are willing to gain by caging the beasts. Once in a while there will be some big guns embarking on a mammoth project. The elephant sanctuary, the rhinoceros sanctuary, safari parks - many had failed, many beasts dead, much taxpayers' monies lost...but no one seems to learn. NO ONE!

Bolehland is the place where uncompetent people seem to take charge of such projects. People who have no interest of animals at heart. People who want quick profit from the beasts. And these people have the resources to cause hardship to many.

History will be repeated again and again. Check below some of the deads while in custodian in Bolehland.

The headline today - The Star 26 Sept 2007

600 fish dead! And few billion dollars?

Click to enlarge the table. Notice that some sanctuaries have more dead elephants - a case of incompetent and poor management?

Carelessness was the right word used in this article when the Rhinoceros santuary was enventually wiped out of the beasts.

When are we going to learn that animals are best left alone in the wild?
When are we going to stop playing God?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Malaysia's Oil Fields

I hardly read business news. But "Buoyed by oils" (CSTan Starbiz, 17 Sept 07) and "Need for New Resources" (M Ariff, Star 17 Sept 07) caught my attention.
According to Petronas, our crude oil reserves will last for another 20 years. But independent analyst forecasted 4.2 billion barrels which could last only 14 years.

20 or 14 years - whoever may be right; they are not far from year 2007.
That means the year 2027 or 2021 will be the end of our country's fossil fuel! Then what?
Given the high contribution from oil to Government coffers of 34.4% in 2006, we are definitely heading for a beak future. (M Ariff, Star 17 Sept 07)
I may not be around but future generation will not enjoy the same subsidies & free amenities.
If the present wastages in the name of growth and development of "white elephants" do not contain; I believe anarchy will be the days to come.
Can the people of bolehland live without subsidy? I doubt.
Every services - including use of roads will be heavily taxed. The rich will get richer while the poor will be poorer. ANARCHY rules!
However, with the increase production of Palm Oil and the expected increase in the price of the commodity, revenue is expected to increase to replace the contribution from fossil fuel.

Our future lies in Oil Palm?

And so more lands will be needed to plant Oil Palms.

And more jungles will be replaced with plantations.

And more trees will be logged.

And more damages to ecosystem.

You won't be able to drink from the taps - as most rivers would be heavily polluted.
You have to wear masks - as the haze has gone to a critical level.
You have to pay more taxes - as the government need money for development.

It all boiled down to the incompetent and corrupt management in my country called Bolehland. Sad indeed.

That day is coming. Can you stop it?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boleh & Ta'Boleh

by Pipit

Two interesting articles caught my eye in the NST of 14 Sept.

1st - Thailand boleh! Tilapia fish skin can now be recycled to make handbags, shoes and even bikinis. A photo shows model wearing tilapia skin bikini.

2nd – Malaysia Ta’boleh! Malaysia has the honour of being the country with the only species to be declared extinct in 2007 so far. And not just Malaysia but good old Penang! The woolly-stalked begonia found only in Pulau Betong has not been sighted for the last 100 years inspite of extensive searches. And they are continuing to cut the forest to widen roads in Penang Hill! Sometimes Malaysia Boleh as well.

Reference :

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another

“Always be kind to dumb animals. Cruelty is one of the most hateful vices, and matured nations are trying to put an end to it. When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another. As human nature ripens, there will be more kindness, sympathy and pity. Some horses and dogs are worthy of our respect as well as of our kindness. Some dogs are more sensitive and intelligent than some men. They have character, but they are handicapped by dumbness. If your dog could talk, you would be surprised at what he knows”.
- Herbert N. Casson

The Government of Bolehland is managed by CRUEL people and so THEY will be CRUEL to us – maybe not today but you can see the coming of that day.

Three CASES of cruelty to ANIMALS in the news within a week :-
1. Dogs shooting competition
2. Exporting Monkeys
3. Destroying Pigs in Malacca (stop by blockage)

Remember this : When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another

Why? Why do dogs and monkeys pose menace to society? Read Lejane Hardy reasoning below. But how about PIGS? Simple :- the people who were entrusted to do the job of monitoring the pig farms were sleeping (or on the take?) and that lead to over population of pigs. And thus the pollution from the farms! Who is to blame? The PIGS?? Which pigs? You might be asking. You guess!

I'll never visit Malaysia
Lejane Hardy

I refer to the malaysiakini report Howls of protest over 'nab the dog' contest.

Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all, along comes another bizarre suggestion from a government in the East, namely to sponsor a stray dog-catching competition for the public.

Stray animals are our fault; they are there because we neglect to concentrate on proper neutering programmes which require some effort on our part and because too many people simply don’t care. They dump their dogs and cats out into the world to fend for themselves

And I can see that in Malaysia, it is more a case of defending themselves against everyone else including those who should be putting into place compassionate methods of solving this problem, namely the government.

Yet you are gleefully joining in to make the lives of these animals even worse by recommending a ‘competition’ to catch and eventually destroy them so that tourists cannot see how bad you are at looking after the most helpless in your country.

I, for one, will never visit a country who cannot look after its sentient beings in a compassionate manner and find you contemptible for even making a suggestion such as this and promoting such a disgusting event.

The writer is chairperson, Capetonians against Animal Abuse and editor for ‘Animal Activist Network News’.
Reference :

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Be Sensitive To the Environment - by Toking Kok

The numbers indicated the whereabout of the photos being shot.
The pictures below will tell the TRUTH.

6 - Before reaching Brothers' Bungalow from Air Itam.

5 - Around Brothers' Bungalow.

4 - Around Moniot Road.

4-5 Between Brothers' Bungalow and Moniot Road.

3 - Between Viaduct Road and Moniot Road


Friday, September 07, 2007

Toking Kok

During my childhood, my mother reared several chicken and a cock. The cock crowed each morning to wake us up. He led the hens on a parade out into the garden. And so he would be "toking kok"....with a kok kok here and a kok kok there and the rest of the hens will kek kek here and kek kek there....

Back to this environment issue in Penang Hill. I was surprised to read the article in the Star today (7 Sept 07) that the claims of building cemented road were not true. How much prove do toking kok want? Do this meant environmentalists and Friends of Penang Hill are all toking kok!

Then it was mentioned that only THREE trees were cut. Toking kok again!

Then bamboo trees had been planted to prevent erosion. More toking kok!

Indeed there were some upgrading (that we agreed and supported) - ie some resurfacing of the road, some clearing of bushes, maybe 3 trees were cut, maybe some bamboo were planted, but no bulldozing of the slope for a cemented road at TUNNEL ROAD at all.

All the toking kok are on the trail just at the rear end of the CANOPY WALKWAY (at Tunnel Road) down to Brothers' Bungalow! NOTHING to do with TUNNEL ROAD but somehow they are TOKING KOK about TUNNEL ROAD!

Map below showed the new construction for a new cemented road (ORANGE).

Please print the map and go and see for yourself. Tell me WHO is TOKING KOK!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rape & Liar

Read this interesting story today(5 Sept, 2007) in the Star paper.

I quote,
"We also have to determine whether the road is ‘illegal positive’ or ‘illegal negative’,” he added".

And so, now you can illegally rape the hill to build any road as you wish, because any road should be "positive" as it helps in the transportation and communication, right?

Malaysia Boleh!

I have been there on several occassions but strangely today, there was not a soul at the "illegal positive" road. Not even the bulldozer, tractor, lorry and cement mixer. All traces of the evidence were hidden from sight. The contractor was probably tipped-off by someone from the interview.

Picture of the bulldozer taken before Sept 5, 2007.

Read my emails exchange here.

Lie No 1:
On the 8th Aug 2007 the Director of Forestry Penang replied:
To be make sure all activities out side our Forest Reserved, we already engage land surveyer and within 2 weeks we can get the results on it. If that activities clasiffied under enchrochment , we will bring to the court under National Forestry Act.

In The Star today 5th Sept 2007:
After being alerted to the allegations of illegal construction in the Bukit Kerajaan Reserve Forrest, he said a survey would have to be done to investigate the claims. “We will investigate the matter if we have sufficient funds.

Lie No 2:
In The Star today 5th Sept 2007:
When contacted, Forestry Department director Samsudin Salleh denied receiving the complaint. “We have received a different complaint about the loss of biodiversity in the reserve area. However, it was determined that the area was privately owned,” he said.

His reply to my email of 8th Aug 2007 proved otherwise:

From : <>
Date : Aug 8, 2007 5:38 PM
Thank for your comment. Forestry Department observed that all kind of activities done in Owner land not in Forest Reserved. That why, I cannot take any legal action on damaging , cutting or chopping the tree in owner land. To be make sure all activities out side our Forest Reserved, we already engage land surveyer and within 2 weeks we can get the results on it. If that activities clasiffied under enchrochment , we will bring to the court under National Forestry Act.TQ

Maybe Kayveas can say this, "I didn't say he is a liar, I say he is like a liar".

Adapted from:

‘Saya tak cakap dia monyet, saya cakap dia macam monyet’ - Kayveas, PPP president in parliament addressing the opposition but refused to apologize.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hunger Ghost Festival

Phor Thor or Hunger Ghost Festival was celebrated throughout the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. For 2007, the festival started from Oct 13 and ended at Sept 10, 2007. Chinese believed that the Gates of Hell would be opened during this month where hungry ghosts were given the freedom to roam the earth.

One peculiar culture of Chinese was to seek the death to inquire about their well being during this seventh month. Mediums were consulted as the middle spoke person between the death and the living.

At one particular “consultation” somewhere in Penang Hill, I overheard the following conversations:

Ghost Seeker : Mr Moniot, you were such a lucky man. In 1989, our Penang Government honored you and named the Moniot Road as a heritage trail. You will be remembered for a long, long time. So how was life for the past years along Moniot Road?

Moniot : Terrible. I used to go about freely before living humans declared my road as a heritage trail. Now, even the signboards explaining my deeds were torn down.

Ghost Seeker : What do you meant?

Moniot : I am now treated like outcaste. Part of my heritage road was bulldozed recently to make way for a double lane road to Brothers’ Bungalow.

Ghost Seeker : I thought heritage trail should be left alone.

Moniot : Oh…this is Bolehland…and just because my name was Moniot which was some kind of alien, I was left to rot. Nobody take care of me anymore.

The mini "waterfall" where Mr Moniot can have picnic with his ghostly friends.

Ghost Seeker : Think positive ok. Now, you can have picnic at Moniot Road at the small waterfall. And in case you forget, there is also a small river running along your road!! Can swim-swim and mandi-mandi, he he he…

The "river" that Mr Moniot can "swim-swim" during the month of Hunger Ghost.