Friday, September 07, 2007

Toking Kok

During my childhood, my mother reared several chicken and a cock. The cock crowed each morning to wake us up. He led the hens on a parade out into the garden. And so he would be "toking kok"....with a kok kok here and a kok kok there and the rest of the hens will kek kek here and kek kek there....

Back to this environment issue in Penang Hill. I was surprised to read the article in the Star today (7 Sept 07) that the claims of building cemented road were not true. How much prove do toking kok want? Do this meant environmentalists and Friends of Penang Hill are all toking kok!

Then it was mentioned that only THREE trees were cut. Toking kok again!

Then bamboo trees had been planted to prevent erosion. More toking kok!

Indeed there were some upgrading (that we agreed and supported) - ie some resurfacing of the road, some clearing of bushes, maybe 3 trees were cut, maybe some bamboo were planted, but no bulldozing of the slope for a cemented road at TUNNEL ROAD at all.

All the toking kok are on the trail just at the rear end of the CANOPY WALKWAY (at Tunnel Road) down to Brothers' Bungalow! NOTHING to do with TUNNEL ROAD but somehow they are TOKING KOK about TUNNEL ROAD!

Map below showed the new construction for a new cemented road (ORANGE).

Please print the map and go and see for yourself. Tell me WHO is TOKING KOK!

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