Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mahouts and the weapon of fear

Have you taken an elephant ride in Thailand or Nepal? If you have then have a second look at the weapon the mahouts used.
In Thailand, from Phuket to Kanchanaburi to Koh Samui, the mahouts used spikes to hit at the elephants. However, in Nepal, the mahouts used only sticks that do not hurt.
Lesson learnt: Are the mahouts from Thailand more cruel? I just love the humble and animal loving people of Nepal.
Nepal 1 vs Thailand 0.
The first 3 photographs showed the mahouts using sticks. Pictures from Chitwan National Park, Nepal.
The stick won't hurt the elephant at all.

Can see the stick clearly.

Both mahouts only carry sticks.

All photographs below were from Thailand. The first one below was from Phuket Zoo and the rest from Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

 No different in a zoo.

Just look at the fearful looking baby elephant's eyes!

This guy using the spike to drag the elephant!

Can you see the old wounds on the head?

The weapon of fear!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Cameron - Blame They or Blame You

When I was in Bangkok early this year, the florist told me the flowers were from Cameron Highland, Malaysia. Of course I was very surprised that Malaysia was exporting flowers all over the world. And the consequences of that is beginning to show today...... who shall we blame? THEY? The farmers?
If you stop buying flowers for birthdays.
If you stop buying flowers for convocations.
If you stop buying flowers for wreaths.
If you stop buying flowers for garlands.
If you stop buying flowers for prayers.
If you stop buying flowers for decorations.
Only if you stop buying flowers.....then farmers will not be expanding farmland for this lucrative business.
YOU are to blame for the Cameron's catastrophe. No matter where you are, if you support the flower business, then you are supporting environment catastrophe.
I just came back from Nepal. I refused to accept the garland given by the guide when I arrived at Kathmandu. I honestly think I have done my part. Do you?