Friday, November 08, 2013

Jellyfish Invasion

The jellyfish invasion all over the world is becoming critical. Warning from experts as reported by CNN (above) claims that jellyfish is taking over the oceans.
Do you know why?
Global warming & over fishing is only part of the problem. The single factor that directly affect jellyfish population is TURTLE. They are the check and balance for jellyfish. When the population of turtles decreases, the population of jellyfish explodes.
And why does the population of turtle decreases?
Pollution is the main culprit. Many turtles were found dead with plastic bags in their stomach. What goes around comes around! What we throw into the sea today will eventually affect us - killing us through the stings of jellyfish. Be warned ok.

A river polluted with plastics in Penang, Malaysia (Photo taken on 7 Nov 2013)