Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Natural Habitat Gone

Interesting news - "Residential areas in Setapak, Cheras and Jinjang, which were all once oil palm plantations, have been identified as areas frequented by snakes, especially reticulated pythons and cobras, of late"

Threat to natural habitat forcing snakes into KL's residential areas (Star, 5 Sept 12).

While we talk about wildlife coming out of the jungle, we are missing out wild domestic dogs going into forest and eating up the wildlife of Malaysia.

The Forestry and Wildlife just don't bother about this because it has not cause any problem for now. Ten years down the road, when the population of these wild dogs increased, human life may be at risk. And it will be too late to control them.

Its happening in all forest reserves. So people, go into the forest in group or else you may not come out alive. Beware!