Saturday, September 08, 2007

Be Sensitive To the Environment - by Toking Kok

The numbers indicated the whereabout of the photos being shot.
The pictures below will tell the TRUTH.

6 - Before reaching Brothers' Bungalow from Air Itam.

5 - Around Brothers' Bungalow.

4 - Around Moniot Road.

4-5 Between Brothers' Bungalow and Moniot Road.

3 - Between Viaduct Road and Moniot Road


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pipit said...

In a bribery case the giver is equally guilty as the receiver. If this is the case, the people who are paying for the road should also be exposed. It is a wide road suitable for big limousines. Obviously for top VIPs and Big Bosses. As far as I know the road goes from the Tunnel Rd to Brothers Bungalow which now has new occupants - a filthy rich telco.

Obviously public officials who lie to the public and politicians who cover up for big corporations are unfit for office. What about big corporations who use their profits to despoil nature? Do they deserve to be filthy rich?

With global warming, Penang Hill is already in danger from excessive warming. With wide roads and less tree cover the warming becomes even more serious. Thos people who wish to enjoy the cool air of Penang Hill are actually spoiling the very environment they enjoy if they build big roads for their big limousines to carry them to their doorstep. They might as well enjoy an air-conditioned hotel in town or the seaside. Really vulgar low-class people. They prove themselves to be unfit to enjoy filthy profits as they prove to be lousy corporate citizens. VULGAR and LOW CLASS!