Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Illegal Trees Harvesting at Mengkuang Dam (Part VI)

We heard about illegal logging in our Malaysian's jungles. But at Mengkuang Dam we have another kind. We have illegal bamboo bamboo-ing! Bamboo-ing and tree-ing (sorry no log for logging) at catchment area.

Citizen : Hi illegals why do you chop down our catchment's trees!

Illegals : Who cares! This is not my country!

Citizen : Hi kawan apa pasal potong pokok untuk camping?
Locals : Peduli apa, saya suka hati. Lu apa sibok?

The Conclusion:

Whether you drink the dam's water or not, I think we should take the initiative to comment.....if we are quiet, they will continue to destroy and officials will continue to "tutup satu mata"!

I don't know if I am "sibuk" (busy body) but I think I am doing it for my country. If government officials tried to cover up these stories and called me a "sibuk"...... I would think they are traitors....do you agree? Make your comments below to show your support on this issue.

Newly cut bamboo waiting to be carried to build more huts.

Look at the destruction caused. I only see this type of destruction in elephants' territories. No sustainable cutting but more of cut-as-you-please!

More cut bamboos lining the path to be taken away.

You can see wood and bamboo lying around the hut waiting for use.

More trees and bamboos lying on the ground - perhaps to feed termites!

Close-up of the mini hut with the building materials!

Along the shoreline, locals made their present felt - destructive camping!!! Chop whatever they want. Destroy just because nobody cares! Who are we to blame????

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