Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fishing and Rubbish at Mengkuang Dam (Part IV)

When I highlighted the Penang National Park on the dirtiness sometime ago, I was taken to task by some. The park authority tried to take action by calling up the Education Dept. to take discipinary action. Some even commented that since I was good at finding faults, I might as well take over the Superintendent's post! (a kind of sarcastic comment). However, I am glad that Penang National Park at Pantai Kerachut is now VERY CLEAN! (as reported from my friend).
Now, I am out of job....perhaps someone can recommend that I take over the post of water's engineer....but alas....forgot to tell you....I belong to the 2nd grade citizen and in no way I will be eligible.....
Continuing the issue on Mengkuang Dam - Part IV (Fishing and Rubbish)

Mengkuang Dam is well kept. Clean and beautiful too..... ayoyo....surface only mah! People called showroom loh! To show only lah. Cannot see inside one ok? But deep inside do you know? Let me share with you my adventure.....

This was the first extensive anglers' beach. Nice shade and of course rubbish....

This remind me of the rubbish dump! It is a poor sight. Well, I probably could guess that this area is never frequented by who cares!!

No swimming and fishing on hill slope. Of course all angers are obedient lot and they did not swim or fish on hill but they can swim or fish in the dam as there are no such sign near the water! Note the wear and tear of the signboard.

"Hi signboard why are you hiding inside?" "Sorry, I am camera shy lah!"

"Hi man you cannot fish and swim on tree!" says the signboard. "Ok, I will fish and swim at the dam loh! Can park motorcycle here huh?" "Of course can, lu punya bapa punya jalan lah"

Nice picnic area. Also nice place to throw rubbish.

Nice place to fish too. Picture was taken on Saturday around 10 am. There would be more anglers later in the day and on Friday and Sunday. Friday for those from Kedah while Sunday for Penangites - fishing also got shift mah!

More rubbish. Note the remains of a campfire on the bottom right of this picture.

As we went deeper into the forest, the scenario was the same - rubbish! fishing! swimming?

Clean, clear water..but look at the rubbish.

Nice shape to do fishing. Good recreational area. But look at the rubbish!

Styrofoam and plastic bags can be seen.

This is a campsite by the dam. We found a newspaper dated on Friday. We were there on Saturday. So I presumed the anglers had left earlier before we arrived around 1pm. There was a campfire patch on the ground. A big campfire can easily be seen from afar. I wonder whether there is anyone making any rounds. Trees were chopped down to make beds. All these were in catchment area.! I wondered how these guys "cuci" themselves after they "bikin the kueh!" You tell me!

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