Sunday, May 20, 2007

Illegal Immigrants and Illegal Occupants At Mengkuang Dam (Part III)

I once reported hill cutting right at the top of the small hill on the left of the dam to the authority but no action was taken. The cutting actually encroached at least several meters into the catchment's slope. This time I was hesitatant to report. I hope this blog will get to them before our country damaged!

Continuing the issue on Mengkuang Dam - Part III (The Illegals)

An old house acquired by authority but continued to being used by the farmer. Note the hanging clothes . The farmer was behind the drum. This farmer was seen using the steam as toilet when we arrived at the vicinity. The stream flows directly into the dam some 100 m away below.

Crossing a small hill, we met with another shed with a motorcycle.

An illegal occupant at Mengkuang Dam riding a motorcycle (is it illegal too?) at the dam catchment.

There was another turn which we did not take that could led to another "settlement". The latter turn took us to two huts. A man was seen sitting inside the right hut. He started to call out aloud to his friends apparently to "warn" us that he has more people around.

Illegal earthworks near the Myammar's settlement. A pipe was seen diverting water from the stream to the huts.

Illegal rubber tapping at catchment area. ...or is it sanctioned by the authority?

Another half an hour of trekking, we came to another "settlement". There were altogether 3 huts. A crying baby was heard coming from the left hut.

Clothes and towels were hanging near a water drum with flowing piped water in catchment area.

The third hut - much smaller for a person. Bamboos were seen - probably they are planning to expand the "settlement".

This illegal is probably learning English to communicate with the locals. I pity them for living in such a condition.....but my love to my country remain utmost, I have to report this! Sorry whoever you are!

Do we need to expand the dam so that we can accomodate more illegals??

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