Sunday, June 03, 2007

Limbless Lizard

There were many new scientific discoveries in Maliau Basin, Sabah, Malaysia. During our trip from 27 April to 3 May 2007, we encountered many different species of fuana and fauna - some I haven't seen before in my life.

When I first saw this "snake", I thought it was a new species. Later, I noticed that it had abdomen resembling a lizard. A snake lack the stomach as seen in a lizard. Note the shape of its abdomen. The side markings on its' facial resemble that of a lizard.

Notice this photo shows two sections - abdomen vs the tail.

But it was very strange to me that a lizard did not have legs. It was only after I read the news about a new discovery in India. (Try searching the internet for LIMBLESS LIZARD).

Is this a new species from Malaysia? It was about the same size as the India's specimen about (7-inch) long. The lizard looks like a small snake. It was found at the rim of the mountain in mossy forest - cool retreat and soft soil. Check the India's story for the similarity - the features and some side markings too!

For more pictures of the Limbless Lizard, check this video:

For gallery of Maliau Basin, Sabah, Malaysia : Click Here

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i'm just blog surfing and stumbled upon your site. i don't fancy lizards but I do like nature. Will be dropping by your blog to see what mother nature's got cooking !

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