Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Psychopathic Man

Today I want to share with you a heart breaking news on the smuggling of 76 Leopard tortoises (Geochelone pardalis). The tortoises were found strapped down on their shells and their heads tied back to prevent any movement in the clay pots! (The Star, 26 June 07). Two died due to stress. They were sent from Tanzania to Malaysia in two parcels. The incident took place on June 12 but was only reported today by the Wildlife Department.

The Wildlife Department also reported that the Indian Star Tortoises which were seized at the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) on 26 April 2007 would be sent back to India today (26 June 2007!) – ONE month free “makan”(food) and sight-seeing in Malaysia for the tortoises!!

In the report, nothing was mentioned about the recipients and the senders. This can only meant that the recipients will not be hurled up for questioning! And I can be sure these wildlife smugglings will continue to happen again as a bigger tortoise can fetch as much as RM1000 (about US$300!).

Man can be as psychopathic as in bonding up the tortoises. Imagine taping up the tortoises’ head to prevent movement! That is the psychopathic nature of man. When there are demands, there will be men who are willing to do however cruelty to animals to enrich themselves. Are men heading to doomsday? The apocalypse is just on the horizon. We are seeing disaster after disaster. We were already been forewarned. Beware when the tortoises could speak!

Indian Star Tortoise: Hi Leopard Tortoise, you just arrived huh?
Leopard Tortoise: Yes, and where are you going with all the luggage?
Indian Star Tortoise: I am going home to India. I have been staying in Malaysia for one month. Very song (enjoyable) staying in Malaysia. Got good food, stay in air-cond room and no need to cari makan (find food)! (One month in Malaysia the tortoise can even speak the local slang!)
Leopard Tortoise: Wow! So syok, like that huh, I also want to stay here for a month holiday!
Indian Star Tortoise: Why is your neck with abrasive marking?
Leopard Tortoise: Oh, that bastard tied me up. That psychopathic man even taped up my head so that I can’t move my head up. Then he put me in a small pot with my brothers and sisters.
Indian Star Tortoise: Yeah, very cruel indeed. I wish those men will be doomed for the rest of their lives.

A pet Indian Star Tortoise.

P/S: If there is no demand there will not be any smuggling. Are pet lovers the main factor in the smuggling trade? Are you an exotic pet lover? Don’t be an accessory to murder. Be forewarned!

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pipit said...

It is money that creates all this cruelty. Those with money should use it wisely, but this is wishful I guess.