Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Everyday Should be World Environment Day

Everyday should be World Environment Day. It should not be only 5th June - today only! Agreed?

I am amused by the many campaigns, pledges and clean-ups across our Bolehland!

Here are some of the campaigns and pledges:-

This guy has pledged to cycle for the next four Sundays! Then the rest of the Sundays?
Another one has pledged to carpool when they leave for Kuala Lumpur today. I wondered wouldn't it be better if they take coach?

Then there is this father either taking his son to botanic gardens or talking about trees in their garden. I wondered why they didn't do it for the past 364 days? Why only today?

A famous actress pledged to switch off his wireless device for an entire day just to save energy!

A corporate company will plant 5 million trees...and then (surely) to be cut and uprooted by contractors in the years to come.

Send your SMS for your green pledges. Yes, this one will make the local telcos langhing all the way to the banks. No wonder every quarter, telcos posted higher income year after year. And don't you think it is a waste of energy too?

A lawyer pledged to walk to Top Hill for his trekking routine. According to him, it is not a one-off activity. That's very good!

Then we have a government body on a river clean-up campaign. They plan to use friendly bacteria to combat pollution in rivers - and on selected rivers only! And by 2020, the 189 river basins in the country will be cleaned! Its a very noble project. But can they? I doubt!

The above were some of the pledges and campaigns found in the STAR (5 Jun 2007) paper today.

Am I pessimist?

What you have read about the pledges and campaigns were only nipping at the end of the problems. What about the sources?

Why is there no pledges -
- not to throw rubbish & cigarettes' butt?
- to use only public transport?
- that industrialists will not discharge affluent into drains?
- we will not consume exotic animals?
- not to use wireless devices for the whole year and years after(why only today)?
- why are industrialists chopping more trees to build wider roads, bigger industries, huge plantations, housing estates and timbers?

Everything boiled down to ONE source! The INDUSTRIALISTS!

While we think of rectifying our environment, the industrialists have many plans. This cartoon by CW Kee, in Kee's World, The Star 5th Jun 2007.

Industrialists rule! So, no matter what we do. No matter what pledges we may have. Whatever intention we may have for the good of our environment; will not have any significant impact as long as industrialists rule.

Everything is interelated. Just take the car industries.

Politicians want to show off that Bolehland can produce her own cars. Then they started building a factory. The factory sourced motor parts from smaller industries. Smaller industries were built. They produced auto parts beside the industrial wastes. The wastes were discharged indiscrimately into the drains. The drains flow into rivers. Fishes die. Fishermen's suffered from lack of catch. They spent more on fuel to cover wider area. Meanwhile the fishes that were eaten contain cancer causing chemical. More citizens seek medical treatment. More hospital doing better business. More researches on treatment. More industries to produce treatment flourishes. More by products of industrial wastes....and the list goes on.

You see, everything is related. So if you want to halt all the ailments - nip the sources. The INDUSTRIALISTS!!!!!!!!!!

Am I hypocrite? Yes, I am!
I use a wireless device.
I use petrol motorvehicles.
I use energy.
Many more in the list.
But at least, I am reducing what I am doing EVERYDAY not only TODAY.

Writing this blog uses energy don't you think so?
They said if you can't beat them, you join them!

You know the world is heading towards catastrophe.

At least do something. If you are an industrialists, you have to decide between - your greed for more money or speedier environment catastrophe?

You decide. As for me, I have loose hope of a turnaround in our environment.

We can't.

Because there are now more mouths to feed. More people wanting to be rich (that include me, don't you too?). More people depended on industries to work. More materialistic population.

I hope more people will heed this call - live life moderately. Agree?

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pipit said...

Worst thing to do on Earth Day is to make more babies. Practice safety. hehehe