Monday, June 02, 2008

Green Acts to save our Mother Earth

I received an email that I would like to share it.

力行減碳333 常保地球999

從前 有一片美麗的大地
海鷗 不見了
企鵝 不見了
海豹 不見了
美麗的生命 正在消失

There was once a beautiful land
Because of Global Warming
Sea gull disappeared
Penguins are gone
Seals are missing
Beautiful life is disappearing
Let us together find hope for our Earth


Master Cheng Yen's appeal:
Protecting the environment is a responsibility that all of us share. I hope everyone can live with greater environmental awareness. It is a simple concept, but if we can all put it into practice, the impact can be profound and far-reaching. Only when our world is free of disaster, will mankind be safe.

力行減碳333 常保地球999
333 Green Acts to save our Mother Earth

(1)飲食 Mindful Eating
不肉食 Try vegetarianism
吃低碳里程食物 Purchase local food
不浪費 Reduce food waste

(2)節能 Eco-Friendly Living
少開車,騎腳踏車,多利用公共交通 Drive less, ride bicycle or take public transportation
省水省電 Conserve water, electricity
惜紙 Reduce paper consumption

(3)消費 Frugal Living
不追求流行 Do not pursuit trendy material, buy only what you need
延續物命 Extend product lifespan (repair)
不使用一次性商品 Reduce use of disposable items

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