Saturday, June 14, 2008

Problem or Solution

I received a notice of AGM from MNS (Malaysian Nature Society) today. In it, there was a Proxy Form for a vote on a resolution for the change in membership fee. The proposed membership rate will be RM90.00 from the present RM60.00

Yes, fuel prices increased. And now expenses to run the society increased too.

What I am not happy is the wastage and the ignorant on the concept - conservation and thriftiness.

As a member for at least 20 years now, I have seen council members adopting environment friendly newsletters - using cheap envelopes and cheap papers.

But I don't see any initiative being done now - though it is only a small issue, by huge numbers, it will be costly and a waste on resources. Money should be well spent on conservation and not on expensive newsletters.

But today when I received this notice of AGM, I am heartbroken.

Why did the council use expensive papers and quality envelope? Why use A3 paper? Is it cheaper using A3 paper? Why use a windowed envelope but my address on a sticker was pasted over the transparent window? Is the transparent windowed envelope cheaper?

Why is there no thriftiness in such a small matter? If there is no thriftiness, I doubt there will be much thriftiness in running this nature society.

Is my society now creating more problems? or providing solutions? You decide.

If you are a member, please vote AGAINST the resolution.

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Grace said...

I don't really know what to think about this increase in membership fees. I jumped at the chance to subscribe to the e-mailed newsletters and don't like receiving the printed ones. I would suggest maintaining our old fee structure and cutting costs of publishing the MNJ and MN by providing the option of electronic copies (pdf files). If given the choice, I would prefer to get the pdf of these publications instead of the printed copies. This would free up money for conservation projects and other more important activities of the Society. Just my two cents.