Friday, June 20, 2008

Positive Impact of Petrol Price

This is a positive news for Mother Earth.
I was using the Penang Bridge yesterday at 5.30pm and was quite surprised that there was not many vehicles.


Fewer vehicles on Penang Bridge
Friday June 20, 2008

SINCE the fuel price increase, the number of vehicles using Penang Bridge daily has dropped by about 4,000 each way.

A spokesman for Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd (PBSB) said statistics on the one-way volume showed that about 63,000 vehicles now used the bridge daily.

“We also noticed that the toll plazas in Butterworth are no longer as congested as before,” she said.

Traffic situation along the coastal highway leading to the Penang Bridge is markedly less after the fuel price hike.

She said the impact was positive.

Traffic flow was smoother, especially during the peak hours, she added.

“However, it was not so good for PBSB in terms of revenue collection,'' she said.

Marketing executive Fatimah Yusoff, 40, who lives in Sungai Petani and works in Bayan Baru, said that before the price hike, she usually reached Penang Bridge at about 8.30am and would be stuck in a bumper-to-bumper crawl until the midspan of the bridge.

“On bad days, it took 30 to 45 minutes to get past that stretch, compared with 15 minutes now. After the price hike, I don't see traffic jams and there seems to be fewer cars but more motorcycles on the bridge.

“Now the traffic is so smooth that I don't even have time to look at my watch,” she said.

Fatimah, who drives a Perodua Viva, said a full tank used to cost her about RM55 and lasted five working days, but now a full tank cost about RM70.

Factory worker Y.T. Ong, 24, said she used to spend about RM50 on toll and petrol for a round trip from Penang island where she works to her hometown in Alor Star twice a month before the price hike.

Almost empty: The coastal road leading to Penang Bridge was almost free of vehibles when the photograph was taken at 6.45pm on June 18.

“Nowadays, I just take an ex-press bus from the Butterworth jetty to Alor Star town and back. It only costs me RM7.50 one-way,” she said, adding that her mother also helped to identify some friends from the same neighbourhood working in Pe-nang so that they could carpool and take turns to drive home together.

Sales executive Jeremy Ng, 52, said he used to experience very bad traffic jams upon leaving his office in Bayan Lepas around 7pm to 8pm daily.

“Now, traffic is very smooth and it only takes me less than 15 minutes to arrive home in Green Lane,” he said.

Ng said he cut down on his driving to save on petrol and only drove for official work purposes or when necessary.

He said he also switched off the air-conditioner to get 20% to 30% of extra mileage.

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