Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is biofuels‏ the answer to sustainable environment?

I received an alert from Greenpeace. Biofuels might be the answer for our future. But are we ready when food is running scarce?

Dear Friends,

There's a poll today on the European Commission website you might like to participate in right now: " Should the EU stick to its target to reach 10% biofuels by 2020?"

Greenpeace and the environmental movement's answer is clearly "No".
Emerging research shows that it is most probably not possible to produce 10% of the EU's transport fuel from crops in an ecologically sound way. There's a high risk that such a target (10% by 2020) will lead to enormous pressure on increasingly scarce land, and detrimental environmental and social effects, such as massive deforestation, a sharp increase in the use of GMO's and the shift from food production for the poor to car fuel production for the rich.

Furthermore, the Commission's proposal for biofuels sustainability criteria are -- put simply -- a joke. Let's send a clear "No" message now. Vote HERE. Vote for NO.

Industry would use a "yes" result in this e-poll to say there is public support for their goals, when clearly there is not. It's only an online poll, but we've got to win it. Please vote and pass the message on, by email, IM, facebook or whatever way you can.

Many thanks,

Everyone at Greenpeace

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