Friday, May 02, 2008

Shall We TENDER for the logging concessions?

I read with concern that a mere acre of logging concession in Kedah only costs RM500 to RM1000 (US$150-US$300)! Well, I don't understand how the previous state government thinking juice work! Imagine a mature tree can easily fetch RM10000 (US$3500) (if a log costs RM3000 as mentioned in the report below) A rational thinking person will know that there could be some stupid lawmakers who can't even understand simple arithmetic.
Is there corruption?

Ok, now, if the present state government is willing to tender out the logging concessions at RM25K (US$8100) per acre....then WE as citizen of EARTH could bit for the tender so that the forest and jungle could be spared the chop!
At 2400 acres per year, it will costs 2400xUS$8100 = US$19.5 mil.
Any citizen of the earth or any group or perhaps everyone of us chip in to bit for the tender! And SAVE OUR FOREST!!

Friday May 2, 2008
Kedah to have open tender for logging

ALOR STAR: Kedah is opting for open tenders for logging concessions as negotiated tenders had caused the state to lose an annual revenue amounting to more than RM50mil.

Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak said the state could earn RM10,000 per acre (RM25,000 per hectare) but only got between RM500 and RM1,000 per acre (RM1,250 and RM2,500 per hectare) through negotiated tenders.

“How can the rate be so much lower for negotiated tenders? The loggers can sell one log for RM3,000 but the state is given a mere RM500 per acre.

“Don’t tell me we only have one tree per acre?” he asked.

Azizan said Kedah should earn RM60mil from the 2,400 ha of area allotted for logging annually if it got RM25,000 per hectare.

“That is why the state executive council has decided to implement open tender system for logging concessions from next year,” he said.

It was reported yesterday that Kedah had closed its door on negotiated tenders for logging concessions and was opting for open tenders instead.

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