Thursday, July 26, 2007

Death Notice

Something very disturbing really happened in Kiasuland. Let me reproduce it in total here:

Right in front of my house, a death notice has been stuck to a lovely mempat tree, Cratoxylum formosum. The tree has been given 7 days notice (from 20.07.07), after which it will become firewood. There is a hotline for people to phone in to get the reason for the death sentence. Have you ever try phoning a hotline? - press 1, 2, 3...

After three day I finally got a response. The reason for chopping the tree? The leaves are falling into the nearby house and the maid has to sweep them daily.

I also found out that this may be the wrong tree? Carrying out a sentence on the wrong person - I mean tree. Sounds familiar?

Now if every tree will be chopped down just because the leaves litter someone or other's garden, we would end up with thousands and thousands of plastic tree where the leaves will not shed.

What can I do? The deadline is getting near - 27th July 2007...


I was comtemplating to go to Kiasuland one of this day. (BTW, I am from the northern state of Bolehland). Then I would opened my car's windows. Then would let the leaves dropped into my car. Then I would write a letter to have all of Kiasuland's trees chopped down because I have to sweep the leaves in my car! Ha ha ha! Imagine all of Kiasuland becoming "botak" he he he.... (pun intended!)

Luckily, a turnaround decision was made before the dateline. Read below:

Our grateful thanks to the enlightened NParks officers who read e-mails. Members of the public may be unreasonable in their demands. But NParks officer should not be cowed or bullied by unreasonable members of the public. The fact that wayside trees litter homes with their leaves is no reason to chop down trees, not even if the leaves find their way into swimming pools.

Well, if the tree bears fruits, I think it will be of different story. That is the selfish nature of human everywhere - in Kiasuland as well as in Bolehland!

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