Friday, July 27, 2007

Apocalyptic Vision

I have an apocalyptic vision. The vision about global warming. The vision about climate crisis. The vision when total chaos being inflicted on earth dwellers - YOU and Me included!

We have been living wastefully for centuries. We discard things when they are of no use to us. We throw the less and buy the better when we become more classy. We typically waste our natural resources. And waste it everyday of our life.

No one can change what human being has been doing for centuries. No one can change the way it has been for centuries. Not even the most powerful nation is going to change this apocalyptic vision. We are doomed.

So as I can see it, whatever we do to change the world will have no significant effect. We might be reducing our need for fuel by using bicycles. We might be reducing our water usage. We buy fuel efficent cars. We reduce our wastes. But no matter how much we reduce, reuse and recycle; we just can't stop the catastrophe from coming. And coming it will.

We might be buying fuel efficient cars and thus destroying the oil industry. We stop using tobaco and thus affecting the farmers. Whatever we do will affect someone along the way. We just can't escape from economic chaos.

Catastrophe is the only powerful force that can shift human's mentality. Change it will be, but only when human beings are hit with a natural disaster. Strange and devastating weather patterns are showing. Flooding in deserts were something that were unheard of for centuries. Villages were washed away by rivers. Houses eroded by waves. Coastlines disappeared from the map. All these phenomenas that are becoming more frequent. They are getting to the tipping point. The point of total chaos. The point of no return. Of widespread famine, of worldwide diseases, of total anarchy, of riots and wars, of drought and flooding, of hurricanes and tornadoes...need I go on?

The war in Acheh was mended by Tsunami. Earthquakes brought nations together. We have seen natural catastrophe changing human mentality. Humans will only change when they are faced with natural disaster.

That is my vision.

Do we have to wait for a catastrophe?

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