Monday, July 16, 2007

Bolehland : Manufacturer of Star Wars' characters

In 1996, Dolly (July 5, 1996 – February 14, 2003) the sheep was born. Eight years later she was euthanized because of a degenerative lung condition. According to some experts, Dolly may have been susceptible to premature aging.

In 2003, Texas A&M ended its four-year, $4 million effort with Genetic Savings and Clone of California to clone a dog. A dog proved too hard to clone, so A&M created cc instead. Lisa Archer, animal activist (spokeswoman for Friends of the Earth) said the potential rewards of cloning don't justify its risks. "Animal cloning has resulted in a lot of issues with deaths and deformities that have been the norm, not the exception". A study by A&M, released in 2002 documented a 94 percent failure rate in efforts to clone pigs. Twenty-eight piglets were born without an anus and tail, a fatal condition. (Source:

In Malaysia
It was reported that my Bolehland is launching a $9 million (RM31 Mil) project to try to clone some of its threatened leatherback turtles in a last-ditch bid to save them from extinction.

Cloning animals involves taking the nuclei of cells from adults and fusing them into other egg cells that are implanted into a surrogate mother.

We know that the successful rate of cloning is only 6% with high failure rate of maimed and deformed animals. Imagine the failure rate of cloning an easy domesticated species like the pigs were proven unsuccessful and yet Bolehland wanted to prove to the world we can do it with Leatherbacks!!

The money that is going to be spent should be used to carry out other conservation work that could help in the leatherback population.

I can predict that someone will be a millionaire. I can predict many unnecessary Green turtles (the initial guineapigs) and later Leatherbacks will be sacrified. I can predict more taxpayers' fund will be lost. What a waste!

Perhaps we have other plan. A plan that can make Bolehland the greatest manufacturer of Star Wars' characters in 2020. Never mind about the consequences.

Tarfful, Daultay Dofine, Tsui Choi, Roron Corobb, Kai Hudorra, Plo Koon, Pablo-Jill, Even Piell, Yarael Poof, Oppo Rancisis and Coleman Trebor were some of the Star Wars' characters that will be a reality in 2020! Malaysia Boleh!

"Let nature takes its course".



Admin said...

Someone asked me what has Star War to do with cloning?
Fyi, all the characters mentioned in the article were actually characters that were deformed or "cacat"!
Are we building a new generation of these humanoids?

pipit said...

Cacat of the body is not all that bad actually. Cacat of the mind is much worse. Such mind-cacat people can be beautiful but it is difficult to see how destructive, perverse and cacat their minds are. Many of such people are heads of depts and top politicians.