Sunday, July 08, 2007

Answer The Call

The world is dying.
Have you answer the call?
For a start you should goto to check your carbon footprint on earth.

My ECP score is a miserable 333
My carbon output is 13.4 tons per year!
What is yours?
Lets answer the call.

Login to and click on WHAT'S YOUR LIVE IMPACT? to calculate your carbon output! The server could be quite slow as everybody around the world is checking.

Go, go, go and contribute to Mother Earth!


pipit said...

Sorry, no time to write more - nature calling urgently, but check out Al Gore's footprint - his electricity bill alone is 0ver USD1500 or something. Makes one think, doesn't it?

Admin said...

Just do your part. No point checking others. Look at our ownself. I am sure he is guilty...just as I am with a 333 which is higher than the average score in US (325) and Canada (305). Just ask yourself...what have you done to minimize your footprint?