Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seasons Come Seasons Go

Seasons come seasons go. Life must go on. Time to go, we will go. But have you ever wonder why nature gives us the seasons? Why the monsoons?

Fish Need Food
Need I explain these: Big fish feed on small fish. Small fish feed on plankton. Plankton feed on wood. Woods come from trees. Monsoon brings down trees & debris into the sea. Plankton multiplies. Fish multiplies. Fishermen enjoy bountiful harvest. That was the reason why there were good catch after the 2004’s Tsunami – big prawns and big fish.

That is the main reason why we need monsoon to sustain nature. We need the monsoon so that human do not intervene. Human do not visit. Nature left alone so that it could rejuvenate back to anew – and for human to enjoy again. That is the law of nature.

If you have joined my trip, you will notice that I always avoid monsoon. I don’t go to Taman Negara Kuala Tahan or Koh Samui, Thailand during the months of November to January. Instead during this same period, I make trips to Taratao National Park.

But, human are now trying to play God. Human are defying nature. If that is so, more disaster will be waiting in store – plane crashes, boat overturns campers die from fallen trees and whatever.

In Bolehland, the monsoons are treated as festival regardless of the consequences that can inflict on nature. Don’t get me wrong. I am not against tourism. But my love for the sustainable nature of my country should be maintained for nature.

Three Events during the Monsoon get me worried.
First - You would have heard about the rescue operation of the 4X4 expedition near Gua Musang last week.
Second – Early December, the highest paid prize money for the world famous Monsoon Cup.
Third - From 15th Dec to 31st Dec 2007 there will be the Taman Negara Fest.

Back in the old days, Taman Negara Fest was held around the low season in July. But with greed and business interests above all else, the fest is held right in the middle of the monsoon! It was in the news – flooding in Johore, Pahang, Trengganu and Kelantan since 15th December. There could be issues of safety when many visitors arriving onto the park during the raining season. There are concerns of swift, rushing Sg Tembeling which every visitor need to cross to get into Taman Negara Kuala Tahan.

During the monsoon, wild animals roam freely. I remember some 10 years ago when footprints of Malayan tiger were seen off the trail to Bukit Teresek. The off-trail was closed after the sighting of the footprints.

If you go to Taratao National Park of Thailand, the park will be closed during the monsoon. Nature is given a chance to rejuvenate and refresh itself after the harm done by the tourists. This is what we called SUSTAINABLE TOURISM.

I am not going to be the spoiler for the festival. What I am trying to say is let nature rejuvenate itself. You as an eco-tourist should be responsible. You can help by avoiding these places during the monsoon – for your safety as well as for the welfare of nature.

Are we on the right step towards sustaining nature or more of sustaining profit? So where are you going this Xmas and New Year holidays?

Wishing You A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2008.

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