Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Aliens Are Coming

I received a video on the aggressive appetite of a piranha. Found in South American rivers. Not sure where this video was taken. Could the video originated from Malaysia? I hope not. But anything is possible in Bolehland. The lake looks like a typical mining pool in Malaysia. The person handling the piranha looks like Malaysian.

The introduction of alien species have been going on for many years in Bolehland. The authorities are lukewarm to the issues. Drop by any pet shop in town and you will understand what I meant. Exotic, rare, unheard of animals, endangered and even protected animals are being sold openly. Where is the enforcement? Well, in a country called Bolehland, if you have money you can buy anything under the sky.

Even in Japan, the Bluegill Fish is giving problem to the local species. Now the Emperor of Japan has regret for importing the fish from US some 50 years ago.

Above, letter to the editor reported (the Star 11 Nov 07) that the Northern Pike, a predatory fish have been caught in our local waters. We have seen how US realises that alien species like our Malaysian Snakehead fish are preying and decimating the local American fish. Likewise our Malaysian species are also in such danger.

But sadly our authorities have not taken any serious action to stop nor prevent the importation of "dangerous pet". In the meantime, more "dangerous" and preying pets will be introduced into Bolehland. Our future generations will bear the consequences.

Are you accessory to these pet trades - as a buyer, an importer or a pet shop owner?

Say NO.

Or one day your grand children won't be able to reach our lakes.

Thats the consequences.

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