Tuesday, January 01, 2008

When National Park is becoming Theme Park

Happy New Year 2008 to you, you and you.

But Sad New Year 2008 to the ecosystem, environment and nature – everywhere!
I just spent my holiday in one of the marine park of Thailand and was looking forward to a great 2008.

Just when I thought National Park is the best place to protect nature, I was surprised by the finding at Taratao National Park of Thailand. It’s the same – in Bolehland or HSland, where tourist dollars are the main attractions. The money comes in abundant. Tourists come by doves. Rubbish too.

Because riches come easily, recycling plastics, cans and papers become insignificant although there were different recycling bins. They were all for showcase only.

Almost 10 years ago, there was this hermit crabs’ project at Koh Adang, Taratao National Park, Thailand. We could see many hermit crabs crawling over the island. They are protected.

Rubbish Everywhere at Koh Adang

Today, there are still many hermit crabs crawling near the chalets and at rubbish dump. I am beginning to wonder what will happen to the few hundred hermit crabs at the dumpsite when it is set to flame or land filled. All the hard work of conservation of the hermit crabs will be a waste. Anyway I presume the project was just an attraction for tourists. They have successfully attracted tourists so the conservation part is now secondary.

A Hermit Crab at Koh Adang

Right now, Koh Adang is on a mass development stint. When we were there, there were not enough room for tourists. Too many tourists flocking to the national park is destroying the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Many trees were trimmed for unknown reason. These same fruiting trees gave me the urge to visit Koh Adang as they were home to slow loris, geckos and other night creatures. But alas, the tourist dollars have killed the very attraction that attracts tourists.

I think I am paying my tourist money to the custodian of the national park so that they can “destroy” the ecosystem.

Why should I care about Thailand when right here in Malaysia, it is just as bad? For me, I think I owe my life to the future generation. Destroy nature and environment now and our future generations will have none. Isn’t this simple enough to make us think? Nature has no border, ok.

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