Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another

“Always be kind to dumb animals. Cruelty is one of the most hateful vices, and matured nations are trying to put an end to it. When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another. As human nature ripens, there will be more kindness, sympathy and pity. Some horses and dogs are worthy of our respect as well as of our kindness. Some dogs are more sensitive and intelligent than some men. They have character, but they are handicapped by dumbness. If your dog could talk, you would be surprised at what he knows”.
- Herbert N. Casson

The Government of Bolehland is managed by CRUEL people and so THEY will be CRUEL to us – maybe not today but you can see the coming of that day.

Three CASES of cruelty to ANIMALS in the news within a week :-
1. Dogs shooting competition
2. Exporting Monkeys
3. Destroying Pigs in Malacca (stop by blockage)

Remember this : When people are cruel to animals they will be cruel to one another

Why? Why do dogs and monkeys pose menace to society? Read Lejane Hardy reasoning below. But how about PIGS? Simple :- the people who were entrusted to do the job of monitoring the pig farms were sleeping (or on the take?) and that lead to over population of pigs. And thus the pollution from the farms! Who is to blame? The PIGS?? Which pigs? You might be asking. You guess!

I'll never visit Malaysia
Lejane Hardy

I refer to the malaysiakini report Howls of protest over 'nab the dog' contest.

Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all, along comes another bizarre suggestion from a government in the East, namely to sponsor a stray dog-catching competition for the public.

Stray animals are our fault; they are there because we neglect to concentrate on proper neutering programmes which require some effort on our part and because too many people simply don’t care. They dump their dogs and cats out into the world to fend for themselves

And I can see that in Malaysia, it is more a case of defending themselves against everyone else including those who should be putting into place compassionate methods of solving this problem, namely the government.

Yet you are gleefully joining in to make the lives of these animals even worse by recommending a ‘competition’ to catch and eventually destroy them so that tourists cannot see how bad you are at looking after the most helpless in your country.

I, for one, will never visit a country who cannot look after its sentient beings in a compassionate manner and find you contemptible for even making a suggestion such as this and promoting such a disgusting event.

The writer is chairperson, Capetonians against Animal Abuse and editor for ‘Animal Activist Network News’.
Reference : http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/72257

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