Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Shame of Pulau Jerejak

SHAME of Pulau Jerejak. PSDC has a share in this resort thus making every Penangites guilty of this shameful acts. I can only say that the people are more interested in making money than to care for our pristine environment. Banning plastic in Penang while such shameful acts persisted really justified the hypocrizy in us. Shame to Penang! Do you want to visit the resort knowing that your food waste will be part of this shameful act?

Welcome to the Shame of Pulau Jerejak (Selamat Datang)

The last picture is from the Quarantine Camp, north of the Pulau Jerejak Resort. Foreign workers stay in this 1911's building, working at the PBA's new reservior

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