Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Learn Planting Trees on Warisan 100-storeys building

Trees on top the new Casino in Singapore

Yes, the most "kepala otak udang" from Bolehland, a by product from the ketuanan otak. We have FRIM which have years of tree planting research, we have so many Universities with trees planting experiences. USM is one example of a "Garden Universiti"....and this stupid ministry is trying to waste our tax payers' money by learning how to plant trees from Singapore....probably want to play jackpot at the new casino kut or maybe learn how to plant trees on top our 100-storeys Warisan building. Betui betui Bodohland!


Putrajaya to learn how Singapore plants trees

By Lee Wei Lian
November 18, 2010

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 18 — A delegation from Putrajaya will go to Singapore next month in a two-day study trip to see how the island republic plants and maintains its trees said the secretary general of the Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Ministry Datuk Haji Ahmad Phesal Talib today.
This comes as the ministry said it will plant 30,000 trees in the KL region beginning March next year to boost the city’s liveability.

Another Comment:-


Malaysia has one of the greatest tropical rain forests in the world (or should I say used to) and now it wants to learn from Singapore how to plant trees?

See how much we have fallen.

See how much we have raped our forests in the name of greed and corruption.

This is our nation. God gives us resources and we just simply throw it away and now we want to ask others for it back.

We have university pertanian and all these government agricultural research agencies in this country.

Hello!!! What are the people inside these places learning and researching all these years?? We can't even plant trees ??

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