Monday, December 15, 2008

Pulau Jerejak raped by PBA

Pulau Jerejak today

Pulau Jerejak was one of the Penang State Park since May 2007. Although not officially declared like Bukit Panchor State Park, it is still a state park. But look at the sorrow state now. If you use Penang Bridge, you can see this ugly hill development by PBA.....yes the same agency under Penang State Government. Although I should think that the project was by the previous Barisan Najis, I don't understand why our C-A-T government is closing both eyes. And for your information, PBA is building some kind of a reservior. Do you need one there?

Here are the reasons why a reservior is not necessary:

1. There is no villlage in Pulau Jerejak - just a resort and a shipyard. Do you need a reservior? Using public money to fund private companies?
2. Pulau Jerejak don't have high mountain/hills. Do you think there are enough water to fill the reservior?

3. There is already a reservoir in Pulau Jerejak (at the resort's hanging bridge). Why build another white elephant?

4. Water is now pumped from Penang Island to the Jerejak island and stored in a tank. Why the need to damage the island?

5. If you notice the hill cutting, it will cause mud flow and affect the island ecosystem. How can a state park has such massive hill cuttings development?

Will somebody explain what is the use of naming Pulau Jerejak a State Park? Stupid isn't it?

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Pulau Jerejak arial view here by Wakx