Friday, November 21, 2008

Perhilitan uses Internet to stop wildlife trader

I think this could be my first time that I would like to commend the Wildlife Department in my blog for a job well done. Hope more such efforts be taken to protect our natural heritage. Congratulations to Perhilitan officers from Shah Alam and keep up the good work. Please ensure that the wildlife are release into the wild...and not auction off!


Friday November 21, 2008
Perhilitan uses Internet to stop wildlife trader

PETALING JAYA: Going where it has never gone before, the Wild-life and National Park Department (Perhilitan) trawled the Internet and struck pay dirt — it found a man offering to sell protected wildlife.

On Sunday, four Perhilitan officers from Shah Alam staked out the USJ toll plaza parking lot in Puchong.

The man was waiting for the “buyer” when they closed in on him.

When officers inspected his car, they found seven Ball pythons, four Burmese pythons, one Green Tree python, one Carpet python and two Blood pythons.

On Wednesday, Kee Song Yong, 28, was fined RM9,300 by a Petaling Jaya magistrate after pleading guilty to possession of five protected species of snakes.

Perhilitan legislation and enforcement division director Dr E. Sivanathan said there were blogs where people advertise the sale of wildlife.

“We are actively looking at this avenue now to catch these violaters,” he said yesterday.

While unable to put a value on the seized snakes, he said that several were definitely rare.

Earlier this month, Perhilitan seized several wildlife species and leather bags in three operations at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and in Perak and Johor.

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