Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bamboo Gardens - Blame Barisan Najis Please!

I was astonished and felt annoyed to read that the Bamboo Garden (Bambusetum) at the Botanic Gardens was blamed on Pakatan Government. Read here. How come people are so stupid? Pointing finger without knowing who is right and who is wrong? People are still blind. Now, even after they are no more in the Penang State Government, their "kentut" are still around. People are blaming the smelly shit from LGE. Please look at the proof below:

You can see this signboard inside the Coronation Camp, now called Bamboo Garden (Picture taken on 19 Nov 08)
Closeup above: Ground breaking was on 26th July 2007 by Teng Chang Yeow.

Above: Picture taken on 19 Nov 08. A bridge over Sg Air Terjun.

Above: Picture taken on 19 Nov 08. Muddy ground.

Above: Picture taken on 19 Nov 08. Nice path.

Above: Picture taken on 19 Nov 08. And the open space.
My Question: Why nobody protest about this Bamboo Garden last year??????? Why only now? What is your motive?
Another money making project by TCY here
You can read more of the wastages by Barisan Najis if you search in this blog. There are so so many.

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