Monday, September 08, 2008

Flooding in Penang - People are Waking UP?

Yes, homo sapiens are selfish. If it does not affect them, they wouldn't care. Only when natural disaster affected their ownself, only then they will choose to wake up!

Flooding is a good way of waking up these people. And I hope more flooding and more landslides will happen all over Bolehland. Not that I am "ill-hearted" but I am for a long term sustainable environment. For a sustainable enivironment for your future generations too. Wake up, wake up before it is too late! Mother earth is bleeding.

If you have read my posts since the begining of my blog, you will notice that I have been advocating for a change, for a better environment. Not many were interested. Penang Hill is one example where even the people staying in Penang Hill doesn't care a hoot about the development. (BTW, I don't stay in Penang Island, ok).

There was a hindu friend who have been supporting the Barisan Najis government for years. When I asked her why she has not voted for the opposition during the many past elections but only now you are calling for change! "Saya sudah bangun dari tidur"(wake up from sleep), she added.

Well, well, I hope you guys "sudah bangun dari tidur" too. Brace for more landslides and more flooding so that you will be wide awake.

Read the story here: What is causing the flood.

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