Friday, September 26, 2008

Felling of Trees

A river volunteer at Bayan Lepas Waterfall, Penang, once told me that a contractor offered him RM2000 to chop down a tree beside the waterfall. He refused to accept the offer. The tree is still there today.
The aquaduct at Batu Fringghi was lined with huge trees. It was a protected area. No people can access the aquaduct. The trees were chopped. When we queried, they gave excuse that the trees were ageing and were a safety concern. The case eventually diluted in time.
Well, greed will continue to destroy our natural heritage. If only we have less greedy people working in Bolehland. But it won't happen any sooner. Read another story of felling trees in Ipoh. Another "I tak tahu"! Anyway, this is Bolehland lah!


Friday September 26, 2008 MYT 3:15:41 PM
Ipoh mayor stumped by felling of trees

IPOH: Ipoh Datuk Bandar Roshidi Hashim is in the dark over the recent felling of huge trees in front of a newly-completed building at Jalan Datuk Lau Pak Khuan here.

Expressing dismay and shock over the matter after Ipoh City councillor M. Kulasegaran raised the issue at the city council full board meeting on Friday, Roshidi said:

”I had not given any orders for the giant trees to be chopped down.

“It should not have happened and it could be due to my officers’ carelessness,” said Roshidi when apologising over the felled trees.

Roshidi said the council’s Landscape Department would plant new royal palm trees to replace the felled trees in two weeks’ time.

He also gave his assurance that no such incident would happen again.

On Wednesday, several people had called The Star office here to complain about the felling of the trees located in front of the post office.

On certain days, traders would set up shop to sell fruits, vegetables and flowers under the shady trees.

Earlier at the full board meeting, Kulasegaran said the four giant trees were about 30 years old and they did not pose any danger to the public.

The visibly upset Kulasegaran said 13 smaller trees were also chopped down along with the huge trees.

The Ipoh Barat MP said trees, plants and shrubs provided beauty and were crucial in improving the air quality for the city dwellers.

”The trees are on the job 24 hours daily working for us all to improve our environment and quality of life,” said Kulasegaran.

He added that Ipoh should be turned into a garden city instead of losing its identity and turning into a concrete jungle.

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