Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ugly Ecotourism at Penang National Park

Ecotourism is "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people." (TIES, 1990)

Let's check Teluk Ketapang, one of the beaches in Penang National Park.

As we arrived at the beach at 12.36pm from the forest trail, we saw several monkeys digging a big plastic bag full of trash.

On closer look (12.36pm), the trash looked fresh.

A boat was seen to leave the beach with tourists on board.

(Photo of the boat was taken down as requested by owner. Ed. 3/8/08)

And camp fire at the beach in Penang National Park.

We rested and came back to see a horrible mess created by the trash at 1.25pm.

Now for the Blame Game:

Blame it on the monkeys? No. Even if there were no monkeys, the sea tide will create a mess from the rubbish too.

Blame it on the sea tide? No, in Bolehland you blame it on "the act of God".

So who should be blamed for this mess??

1. No, not the tourists for not telling the boat operator. After all they paid for it, right?

2. No, not the boat operator. They helped to uplift the economy of Penang, isn't it? So why should they care and be responsible to conserve the natural environment.

3. No, not the Penang National Park Authority cause they are popularizing the park with large scale infrastructure development. They just don't have time to educate stakeholders and enforcing rules.

So, who to blame huh? Well, in Bolehland we blame it on God.

"Its an act of God" after all. Hell to ecotourism.


LT said...

I've just came back from visiting Penang National Park and I'm very upset with the rubbish there too!

Anonymous said...

Same here, I was just back from this place, that once upon a time was like our backyard - perfect green, today it is a Penang thrash park!