Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sodomy at Ulu Muda

First they built the dam (but actually logging could be the main reason).
More than a century then passed by, trees have rejuvenated, and just then under the Pakatan leadership, suddenly, logging could be on its way.....

But before the Kedah State Government did anything, according to locals, the Federal government through the Tourism Action Council started the sodomy-ing of Ulu Muda.
Now, they came from behind. Through the jungle to Sira Bungor and Kem Labua. They sodomized the jungle. They took the timber. Greed caused Ulu Muda to bleed..... destroying the ecosystem that sustain the Muda Dam and our water resources.

Let me share the effect of a sodomized Ulu Muda here:

The new road through the jungle to Sira Bungor and across the Muda River to Kem Labua.

Open land. Nothing left. The locals commented that the council "nak tanam jagong" (wanted to plant corn).

See how they damaged the jungle.
Oh, they didn't "tanam jagong" but infact they "tanam ubi kayu"(plant tapioca). Planting tapioca in the jungle? The cost of transport, workers etc just doesn't make sense! Of course they hire cheap foreign workers. Illegals?

Sira Bungor (Bungor Salt Lick) now dead. Formerly elephants frequented this salt lick but during my visit, no foot prints were seen. The "sodomy road" passed by this salt lick. How come the Forestry Department did nothing about this natural heritage? Tutup satu mata loh!

Across Muda River is Kem Labua, formerly a base camp for ecotourism. What greeted us were heavy machineries.

Destruction to the ground and fauna and flora. Mud, mud and mud everywhere.

Logging. That was the main objective. Development could be just an excuse.

More logs. Many trees were chopped.

Healthy trees were chainsawed

The local community can just look on as they bring city into the jungle. Their livelihood are now unknown as they have killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

The locals will not benefit from this project. They knew nothing about this massive land clearing. They could only stand and watch as the politicians and the greedy businessman claim the jungle that feed their families.

Another rape and sodomy story of our Bolehland. Hell to ecotourism!

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