Monday, June 30, 2014

First Lynas, Next Beluga.

Welcome to Bolehland, land of many possibilities! 

Beluga caviar (is the roe or eggs delicacy), the highly priced gourmet's wishful dish. And it is coming to Malaysia. But wait, it is so expensive that locals will probably don't have the opportunity to feast on it.  

Malaysia will be exporting the roe from the beluga fish (sturgeon) in the near future. A large scale farming in the river of  Malaysia's oldest national park is happening right now. The project claims it provides locals with jobs - is just a wishful thinking as all low paying jobs have always been taken up by immigrants. Beluga is a large predator that feed on other smaller fish and it will be introduced at Kuala Tahan, the main gateway to the National Park. According to officials, there is nothing to worry about the farm in the pristine river. Yes, nothing to worry if there is no accidental release into the river. But how can we guarantee that these predators do not escape into the wild? Accident can happen and in Malaysia, it will. Imagine a scenario of a large scale flood with huge floating logs rushing down that could easily knock off the cages and cause the release of the beluga fish. It will eventually caused local endemic fish to be wiped out. The lessons from snake heads destroying the ecosystem of U.S.A. is not going to worry our local politicians. Money are to be made and make them before their days are up. 

Lynas is a time bomb. Beluga will be the next. Welcome to Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

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