Friday, July 13, 2012

Eyesore of Mengkuang Dam circa 2012

We had done a research on the feasibility of enlarging the dam in this blog years ago (check archives). Apparently, the present Pakatan state government just couldn't bother with reasoning. They are more of developing the green hills. Perhaps not to offense the contractors which already been given to the cronies of the federal government. FYI, this project is funded by Federal government. The water authority PBA is chaired by the Chief Minister of Penang. I would believe what CAP and SAM said....that Penang government is not protecting enough of the green of Penang. That is why we believe that the government must be change every two terms. They are destroying our green lungs! But first, we have to bury the corrupt and racist Barisan Najis! Just pity the raping of the north eastern part of Bukit Mertajam.

 July 2012. Earth work to korek, korek, the hill. They are suppose to widen the dam...but how come they korek the hill? Picture taken from the BM tukun trail.

 July 2012. Wide angle of Mengkuang Dam, mainland Penang.

Google Map 2010. No development yet. Check google map in another few years and this patch will not be the same again!

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