Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two Tigers and Two Leopards

It was reported today that Thai cops seize carcasses of 2 tigers and 2 leopards from Malaysia. Of all places, it was not seized at the Malaysia-Thai border but in Bangkok! So how can such huge wildlife slipped through the many Malaysian border checks - police, custom, immigration and army? If you ever go to Thailand entering around Sadao, Thailand you will be irritated with so many border checks. But how these carcasses in ice boxes could passed through the border? You tell me.

According to the report, the suspects were a local Thai and a Vietnamese caught at Kannayao area. Initial investigations by Thai cops revealed that the carcasses were destined for the China market, via Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The Thai cop said the carcasses were smuggled from Malaysia through Sadao in Songkhla and each tiger could fetch RM70,000.

Big money involved big players. So long as corrupt officers are in the take there will be more poaching in the jungle of Malaysia. Today, the jungle transversing Ulu Muda Forest Reserve and Belum-Temengor complex has 2 tigers and 2 leopards lesser. Who cares!

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Anonymous said...

Looking at it - many depts of the authority fail in their duty. So what are they doing? What are they doing now to plug the loop hole?