Saturday, May 22, 2010

FTZ for Kenyir Lake?

This is the most craziest idea by the Barisan Najis government. Trying to promote orang "kafir" to goto Kenyir to booze, get drunk and perhaps drowned. I think a license for casino to attract tourists could be in the pipeline too. Image with the natural heritage attractions of "8,000 species of flowers, 2500 species of plants and trees, as well as more than 300 species of fresh water fish" and these stupid people want to draw in drunkards to natural sites. Greedy and perhaps want to curi duit from the project? Nothing seemed to be done on conservation of natural heritage but more to destroy it. They should promote the natural heritage. And if the Kenyir Lake is not drawing tourists then blame the operators. I myself, have been there, and I have no interest to go again for the simple reason that most operators are untrustworthy, boats that got delayed and activities got cancelled.


Saturday May 22, 2010
RM100mil to make Kenyir a tourist draw

KUALA TERENGGANU: Kenyir lake, the largest man-made lake in South East Asia, will undergo a RM100mil makeover.

It is also expected to be declared as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) to make it a top tourist draw.

Kenyir, with 340 islands, is currently not a top tourist destination.

With the FTZ, the Terengganu government hopes it will be an impetus for the growth of eco-tourism in this area.

Mentri Besar Ahmad Said confirmed the state government had requested the Federal Government to declare Kenyir as an FTZ.

The proposed development for Kenyir included introducing a 40-seater jet boat to tour the lake; constructing a cable car line, setting up a theme park, creating an orchid garden, a fruit orchard as well as birds and butterfly parks.

The jet boat ride is expected to be crowd-puller with the highlight being the “Shotover” where the boat makes a 360-degree spin at full throttle.

Kenyir will also be turned into a shopping paradise, offering merchandise at affordable prices.

The lake makes a fascinating tourism spot as it is home to more than 8,000 species of flowers, 2500 species of plants and trees, as well as more than 300 species of fresh water fish.

The infrastructure and transportation system leading to Kenyir, specifically to the islands, will also be upgraded.

Ahmad said a jetty would be constructed fronting Kenyir's main gateway.


Anonymous said...

ThankQ Dear Government; now our "8,000 species of flowers, 2500 species of plants and trees, as well as more than 300 species of fresh water fish" will enjoy the attention from the world that is coming over for cheap booze, cheap ciggi, cheap perfume, cheap chocolate and loud rock songs of motorboat engine.

Tim said...

The Jet boat plan expose to media last year, but our politikus seems not interested in environment issue, unsless a horse racing track is going to build at Tasik Kenyir. A 40 seater Jet Boat to spin around the lake. Birds will gone and monkey will run away. what's left at the Tasik? shops and shoppers.
Jet boat for Kenyir lake
Monday May 25, 2009

Unknown said...

can i ask ur some opinion?? what the advantages or disadvantages to social community at there when FTZ for Kenyir lake has bulid? can u give me some opinion? becuse i want to study the impact of FTZ Kenyir Lake to social community at Tasik Kenyir. thank u.. ^_^