Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mismanaging of Heritage Botanic Gardens Penang

This morning, I attended this so-called Natural Heritage Programme at Penang Botanic Gardens also known as Waterfall Gardens or Monkey Gardens. Botanic Gardens is actually a collection of mini gardens within this big garden. In 1884, Charles Curtis, a horticulturist and a keen gardener developed this ex-quarry into a garden famous throughout the world. It was known to have collected many species for the Kew Gardens then. It was a hush hush programme as invitation was only sent out within 24 hrs. There were not enough chairs for nature lovers to sit. We were actually called just for the sake of showing to the public that such an event was done. I didn't see any reporter too. Panelists were green horns or most were ignorant. The architect can't even answer a simple question "what is the concept for the two arches?". The master plan (dated 1987!) includes a pond inside the present garden, a canopy walk at the waterfall (which is only open for visitors once a year), a monkeys feeding area (and thus causing more monkeys problem later) and more stupid development that of course make some cronies very rich. It was a very sad day for Botanic Gardens. The Federal Government with all our taxpayers' money just spent, spent, spent for her cronies......and our local State Government just couldn't careless, afraid of jeopardizing the funding from the Barisan Najis. This is real SHIT! Shit to all of us as Penangites. Shit to our heritage! Gone forever!

Ugly arches taking shape at the Botanic Gardens. Beside some other smaller trees, I know of two huge raintrees were chopped to make way for this unsustainable fountain. Unsustainable because a nearby stream from the quarry garden was diverted into the drain instead of using the water for this pond. Energy and water resources will cost taxpayer money. They just know how to build without understanding the function of a botanic garden. Perhaps changing Botanic Gardens into Botanic Recreational Park would suit this mismanagement.

If you use the new side walk between Bambusetum and Lower Circular Road in the Botanic Gardens, you would pass these clumps of Nibong palms. Unfortunately, they were being burnt. Perhaps they are going to axe them as burning away the torns will make chopping easier. Let see whether they are going to chop them soon. Botanic Gardens are important sanctuary for the preservation and conservation of plant species. And here at Penang's Botanic Gardens, idiots are destroying them instead. And these Nibong are at least 80 years old.

Many years ago, there were 11 gardens in Botanic Gardens. I know of Bougainvilla Garden which had been replaced with a gazebo. Today, Fern Rockery suffered the same fate. Look at the miserable ferns. So badly damaged. If Charles Curtis is alive today, he would have f**k these idiots that destroy this heritage garden. Is it for the scrap steel?

I was shocked to read that the Master Plan exhibited was dated 1987! More than 20 years ago this plan was rejected because of unnecessary development that does not comform with the concept and function of botanic gardens. How hopeless this people in managing our Botanic Gardens. Can't even produce an updated and proper Master Plan. And they are management our valuable heritage. Sad indeed.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is they hired the tidak apa attitude of bunches of monkeys to do the horticulture works. You can see their lackadaisical lepak attitude from their work style and lack of understanding and caring of gardens. You can see them just mowed over the green grass with their tractors just to deposit some hardwares for the upgrading of the gardens with ugly fencing structures. And they race their bikes in dangerous manners without concern for the safety of joggers. What a blady fools of managing our beloved Gardens.