Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pangolins Again

Pangolins are on the news again.
Since blogging here, there were countless smuggling of wildlife in Malaysia. Search "Pangolin" in this
blog and you should be able to read some of on pangolins.
Pangolin is still a common news. Why is it happening again? If there is no informer, there usually won't be any news. Poor laws, corrupt officers and sheer "buat tak tahu" are the reasons why these news will be cropping up again and again. Don't be surprised if the pangolins were found, they could be released in an island with little termites or perhaps even released in an isolated fragmented area. They don't even bother to understand how pangolins survive. Or perhaps they are sold off again for the cooking pots. It was reported to be RM130 then. Then again at RM150. Today it is RM250. I am sure many more smugglings are going to happen with the increase in price. Who cares except people like you and me! But we are the minorities.
Don't you think it is time to change the government?
Some selected pangolins news below....
Cops Seize Pangolins
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Man fined RM4000
98 Pangolins Seized

Saturday February 20, 2010
35 pangolins rescued by cops

MALACCA: A week-long surveillance by authorities off the coastal waters of Ujong Pasir for possible illegal wildlife trade paid off when marine police rescued 35 pangolins destined for cooking pots.

The live anteaters, estimated to be worth about RM30,000, were believed to have been caught by poachers in Sumatra and were about to be smuggled into the country for sale to restaurants in Malacca and the Klang Valley.

State Marine Police commanding officer ASP Rizal Ramli said they received a tip-off last week of possible smuggling activities being conducted at the Parit Cina jetty in Ujong Pasir.

“We spotted a blue sampan with two men making their way up Parit Cina at about noon on Friday,” he told reporters when met at the Marine Police jetty in Banda Hilir yesterday.

“However both of them jumped off the boat and swam to shore before escaping on foot into a housing area nearby.”

He said the men are believed to be locals as their boat bore the registration number of boats belonging to fishermen from Malacca.

He added that those behind the illegal trade had tried to dupe authorities by carrying out their activities during Friday prayers to avoid detection.

He said that a kilo of pangolin meat could fetch up to RM250 on the black market.

He said the pangolins would be handed over to wildlife authorities here and the marine police are assisting in investigations.

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