Friday, November 27, 2009

Food Wastage everywhere....

Photo above - a secondary school event on enviroment but ironically wastage is a common happening. Who cares when food is FREE!

Let me tell you about a very disheartening event. I was at an environment meeting with big shots such as chairman of wellknown green environment group. There was a buffet lunch. And these so-called "green" persons (suppose to lead by example) left their plates with uneaten food. They couldn't finish the food but they were overwhelmed with greed. Such are the wastage culture of Malaysians! Malaysia truly Boleh! Shame on these hypocrites!


November 27, 2009
CAP: Food wastage on the rise
The Star

GEORGE TOWN: Food wastage is on the rise in Malaysia and a concerted effort is needed to overcome this.

“It is morally wrong to waste food as there are people who are hungry or dying simply because they have no food,” said Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president Mohamed Idris.

Calling on the Government to hold a campaign against food wastage, he said it should encourage proper planning of meals, saving leftovers and sensible ordering when eating out.

“Restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets should give away food to the hungry and destitute.

“Legislations should also be introduced to penalise those who waste food including hotels, large eateries and factory canteens,” he told a press conference yesterday, adding that food wastage should be made a crime.

“Government agencies and companies should not go overboard on the amount of food served at official and corporate functions.”

Malaysians are expected to generate 30,000 tonnes of waste per day in 2020, with about 45% being food.
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