Sunday, May 31, 2009

They are logging three times more land than is needed.

They are doing it again. Big money for their own pockets. Disregarding nature but for personal gains. Trengganu is oil-rich and they don't need the logging money. Trengganu has Kenyir Dam and the largest in Peninsular Malaysia with enough electricity to export to other states. Why built more dams? The answer - because of timber, stupid!
Shame to Malaysians. It takes a foreign group to call for petition. Lets help do our part.
Dear Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib,

I am alarmed by the proceedings of the hydroelectric project in Terengganu, which involve logging three times more forest than is needed. This project will dam the Sungai Terengganu Mati and Sungai Tembat rivers, creating two reservoirs, which will flood 6130ha of forest reserves. However, the state government plans to log an additional 12,620ha surrounding this area.

This logging is completely unnecessary and as the valuable forest disappears, so will many species that inhabit the area, such as the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros and the Malayan tiger. There are also 94 species of plants and animals in the forest that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has deemed Red Listed as threatened by extinction.

Although a Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) on the project predicts that logging will have a high impact on the wildlife, logging has begun illegally, prior to the approval of the DEIA. I urge you to protect the wildlife and stop the unnecessary and unlawful logging of this high-value forest in the Terengganu region.

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