Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Disgrace to All Scouts

I was a scout too, ok. Then a scout master when I was a teacher. So I know what I am talking. I never learn or teach about what you are going to see below...the massive destruction at Templer’s Park, Selangor. Education that gone cuckoo. A real disgrace to all scouts and a disgrace to Victorian Institution. See for yourself.

The first picture above is the most disheartening. A huge tree was chopped just to build a "dam". Check the second picture on the "stupid" dam.

Above: The red pointer on the right is the chopped tree and the "stupid" dam. The left pointer is the chopped tree of the picture above.

Above: There were many trees being chopped. I managed to snap some along the trail.

Above: The Templer's Park waterfall is 40 minutes from the bottom. Do you think anyone will empty this dustbin? The mess created by the 5D4N camping trip. Picture taken on the 4th day.

Above: The scouts were bored. They continued making gadgets with wood from the trees although they will be going home the next day.

Above: Trees chopped and the leftover.

Above: Rubbish and the branches from trees.

Above: They brought wood too but discarded with a protruding nail waiting for an accident.

Above: Eggs were thrown along the trail. Rich and pampered kids?

Above: Cut and discarded. Must be happy parang jokers. Cut whatever.

Above: One of the camps.

Above: So many trees chopped.

Above: They used saw too.

Above: A hardworking scout.

Above: Gone...botak lah.

I was told there were about 30 scouts from the senior and junior troop. They camped for 5D4N and the last day was 22nd Mac 09. Pictures taken on 21st Mac 09. The scout master (Wan Khairul) was not around when I was there. On 23rd (Monday), I was at the Forestry Department to relate the incident but my report was not taken seriously.

When I was a scout, we sang, we cook, we spent time on rope knots, we trained on first aid, we played games, we swam, we exchanged jokes, we entertained ourselves. Not this elite school called VI. They must be bored to dead. They just chopped whatever. Destroying our forest. Destroy our pristine jungle. And in catchment area too.

Such is the education of today in Bolehland....that gone cuckoo! A disgrace.


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