Friday, October 10, 2008

The Truth About Palm Oil

Have you watch the video above? Do you see any misleading information?

According to FOE (Friends of the Earth Europe), quote: Especially the final sentence "sustainably produced since 1917" is clearly misleading - the consumer is likely to take from the term that palm oil is produced without harming the environment in any way. The footage in the advertisement, by hinting that palm oil production does not harm trees or contribute to deforestation, also leads the consumer to use this definition of "sustainably produced".

Roadkills are common in areas near Oil Palm plantation

I have been travelling around Malaysia and these were the observation from the domino effect of the final objective - Oil Palm plantation.

First the highways. In the name of development of infrastructures for the rural areas. Government built them. Then secretly, timber was extracted. Then they planted rubber trees. And just as the price of palm oil escalated, they oil palmed them.

So you see, the council is actually "correct". They are replanting on "sustainable" land (from prevously rubber plantation). However, they didn't tell us that the land was previously rainforested!

Sparcely cultivated oil palm trees could not really sustain wifelife. Perhaps they can sustain the frogs, birds, butterflies and the ants (like whats being depicted in the video). Did the video show any larger animals? Larger wildlife will be of conflict with humans. Elephants destroying plantation. Tigers attacking plantation workers. Tapirs being hit by cars....or what we called "Roadkills".

Roadkills are happening everyday in areas where forests were being cut and in areas where oil palm trees were being planted. Nothing is spare - snakes, animals, reptiles, big and small are all victim of roadkills.

Is Oil Palm plantation sustainable? A gift from nature, a gift for live?

It should be "A gift to dead wildlife and lost of diversity".

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