Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cats and dogs, living together ... no longer

Sunday August 24, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Due to financial difficulties and deteriorating health, a woman in her 30s surrendered 40 cats and kittens to SPCA Selangor recently.

She had mortgaged her four-bedroom house and went off to Sabah to live with her parents and care for her own health.

After the death of her husband and having no children around, Siti (not her real name) resorted to taking in cats from the streets in Seremban where she lived to her home as companions to rid her of her loneliness.

"Siti rescued cats from the streets and at one time brought in three cats with their kittens that added up to 40. She spent up to RM1,500 per month to feed the cats which she had for about a year," said SPCA Selangor front office manager M. Chelvy.

"Siti said she loved her cats and took care of them like they were her children. All her cats were clean and appeared to be in good health when turned in," said Chelvy, adding that all the cats were also neutered and toilet trained.

Chelvy said this case highlights the importance of neutering pets and community animals to control their population and not overcrowd animal shelters.

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